Bad Weather Results in Several Connecticut Truck Accidents

Last week’s snowstorms marred Connecticut with hundreds of car accidents, including a number of Connecticut Truck Accidents. A story from the Norwich Bulletin explained one of the larger tractor-trailer pile-ups occurred on Interstate 84 Thursday morning, outside of Tolland.

Reports show a FedEx semi-truck hauling tandem trailers was traveling eastbound along the highway when the driver suddenly lost control after hitting a slick patch. The truck rolled to its side and skid to a halt. Nine other vehicles, including two other tractor-trailers and a police car, crashed while attempting to avoid the overturned truck.

Two other tractor-trailer collisions were reported the same day. One occurred on I-84 in Southbury and the other was on I-395, outside Thompson, Connecticut.

The Connecticut State Police stated they responded to more than 400 calls for assistance this past Thursday morning alone.

With such a high number of serious accidents being reported, many citizens are asking what they should do in the event they are involved in such a collision. The Connecticut Personal Injury Attorneys with Carter Mario Law Firm point out the most important thing to do is to first get the medical attention you need. Then, collect information regarding the crash and any other expense incurred because of it. It is wise to also contact a qualified attorney to discuss your legal rights and options before agreeing to a settlement with the insurance companies.