Connecticut Lawmakers Trying to Find Ways to Improve Highway Safety

Connecticut is seeking solutions to problems with its transportation infrastructure; however, funding these improvement projects has proven to be a difficult task.

A statement from the state director for the Regional Plan Association, Amanda Kennedy, explained one of the major changes currently considered by legislators is the Vulnerable User Bill. This new policy calls for stiffer penalties against motorists who cause a Connecticut Car Accident that results in a serious injury to a pedestrian, highway worker, or cyclist. The law originally called for offenders to face having to attend an educational driving safety course along with participating in community service projects. Now, the law may only force violators to pay a fine.

One of the major problems with implementing the original bill is the dedication of funding. One plan that was introduced to provide the monetary support needed to get the program off the ground proposed raising sales, hotel, and restaurant taxes. Another idea was to mirror an investment plan proposed in Massachusetts, which commits all sales tax revenue brought in by the state to transportation and infrastructure needs. Experts say the Massachusetts program is capable of bringing in roughly $1 billion per year.

The Connecticut Personal Injury Lawyers with Carter Mario Law Firm recognizes the need for the state to make transportation improvements. The firm is hopeful lawmakers will be able to find a resolution to these problems soon so work to reduce accident numbers can begin.