Defective Equipment to Blame for Hundreds of Fatal Truck Accidents

A fatality resulting from a Connecticut Truck Accident is always tragic, especially when the death should have been prevented by safety equipment. New research from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) concluded under-ride guards, the metal bar that descends from the rear of a big rig’s trailer, might be ineffective in preventing deadly crashes.

According to USA Today, the under-ride guards are used to prevent vehicles from driving underneath the trailer in the event of a rear-end accident. Such a collision is capable of shearing the top half of a vehicle off and often results in fatalities and serious injuries. In fact, numbers indicate a total of 260 motorists were killed in 2011 as a result of such collisions.

IIHS researchers tested eight trailers from different manufacturers to determine how effective the trailers’ under-ride guards were in preventing a dangerous impact. They found when a vehicle struck the trailer directly on its rear-end, a majority of the equipment was effective; however, when only one-third of a vehicle collided with the guard, all the trailers but one were ineffective in preventing an under-ride event from occurring.

Despite the findings and calls for the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to make policy changes to improve equipment standards, little action has been taken.

The Hartford Injury Attorneys with Carter Mario Law Firm encourage motorists to be aware of these dangers and help prevent under-ride accidents by not following tractor-trailers too closely.