Smoke Detectors May Not Be Enough to Protect Children From House Fires

While many families feel installing smoke detectors may be enough to protect their loved ones in the event of a fire, a recent test shockingly proved otherwise.

NBC News told of how a crew of researchers sets up both smoke detectors and cameras throughout a Connecticut home to determine if the sound of the devices would be enough to wake the family if a fire were to break out. The team told the three children in the home, boys ranging in age from 9- to 4-years old, what they were doing and instructed them on how to react when the smoke detectors went off; however, when the alarm sounded in the middle of the night, the children failed to awaken.

Every minute sounds of the device continued to echo through the home, experts said the chances of the children sustaining a Connecticut Burn Injury in the event of a real fire dramatically rose.

Dr. Gary Smith, a researcher at Ohio’s Nationwide Children’s Hospital, explained children are biologically different than adults, and therefore, have different sleep patterns that allow such loud noises to not interfere with rest. That’s why experts say it is so important for families to plan escape routes and designate who will check on children in case a fire occurs.

The Connecticut Personal Injury Attorneys with Carter Mario Law Firm hope these tips will help you better protect your family from the dangers a house fire can present.