Can I Make a Claim if Someone Fled the Scene?

We wanted to share a question we were asked on the phone recently by a new client. They weren’t sure if they had a Connecticut Auto Accident case if they couldn’t prove who hit them.

I was crossing the street and got hit by an SUV which left the scene. Now there is no way to find out who hit me. Is there any way I can make a claim?

You may be covered by your own auto insurance policy, or if you are a member of a household in which another family member has auto insurance, you may be covered by that policy. These are difficult cases sometimes involving questions of insurance contract language, and we can help you to find out if you are covered for your injuries.

The Connecticut Personal Injury Attorneys with Carter Mario Law Firm urge drivers to always make safety a top priority when behind the wheel of a car. This goal can be achieved by simply buckling up, slowing down, and always driving defensively.