Connecticut Explosion Leaves One Worker With Fire and Burn Injuries

An employee of a Sterling, Connecticut, explosives company was left with serious Fire and Burn Injuries as a result of an accidental blast that occurred at the facility earlier this morning. Reports indicate the blast happened at Austin Powder, located on Ekonk Hill Road.

According to a story from NBC-Connecticut, a spokesperson from the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection explained they believe the blast was caused by a chemical reaction and resulted in one worker suffering chemical burns. First responders rushed the victim to a local trauma center to receive further treatment.

Since the explosion occurred, a number of officials from different government agencies have responded to the blast site in order to begin conducting investigations into the incident.

The blast highlights the dangers so many workers face each day as a result of fires and explosions while on the job. In fact, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that fires and explosions were responsible for causing a total of three percent of all workplace fatalities that occurred in 2011.

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