Connecticut Lawmakers Consider Reporting Distracted Driving to Insurers

With a growing number of Connecticut Car Accidents being attributed to distracted driving in recent years, state legislators adopted a law that banned motorists from texting and driving. So far though, the law has proven to be ineffective in getting people to put their phones down while driving.

Now, lawmakers are taking another approach towards solving the problem by considering a regulation that would report anyone who is caught breaking the texting and driving ban to their insurer. The hope is that hitting motorists where it sometimes hurts the most, their pocketbook, will help to reduce instances of distracted driving in the state.

An article from NBC-Connecticut stated that insurance companies could then use the information to increase rates for drivers who engage in risky behavior. Current law just requires a driver to pay a fine and the infraction is never reported to their insurance company.

The bill, which is under consideration in the state House of Representatives, would achieve this by making any distracted driving infraction one of the many moving violations that is open to review by insurance companies. The bill would also increase fines for an infraction from between $125 to $300, to anywhere from $150 to $400.

The Connecticut Personal Injury Attorneys with Carter Mario Law Firm applaud the efforts being made to improve highway safety in the state through any means necessary!