Victims of Connecticut Truck Accident Awarded $15.7 Million in Compensation

A Hartford jury recently found a trucking company is responsible for a Connecticut Truck Accident that resulted in two deaths and left three others seriously injured. Reports indicate the company has been ordered to pay the victims, and the families of those that died, a total of $15.7 million.

A story published by the Connecticut Law Tribune explained that the crash happened on November 2, 2007, near the I-95/I-395 interchange in East Lyme, Connecticut. Witnesses stated that the tractor-trailer that was involved was traveling along the northbound lanes at roughly 80 MPH when it struck a guardrail and rolled into the median. As the truck skid to a halt, it collided with five other vehicles.

The impact of the collision killed both the driver of the truck and another motorist. Three others involved in the collision suffered injuries ranging from broken bones to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

The victims sued the trucking company, claiming the truck’s braking system was faulty and the vehicle should have never been in service. A jury agreed and awarded the victims compensation ranging between $1,069,500 and $5,575,000 each. The company that owned one of the vehicles involved in the crash was also awarded $50,000 for their losses.

The Hartford Personal Injury Lawyers with Carter Mario Law Firm are hopeful the decision that was reached in the case will bring a sense of closure to the tragedy for the victims and their families.