4 Thanksgiving 2013 Travel Tips

It’s no secret that Thanksgiving is the most traveled holiday of the entire year. The Car Accident Attorneys at Carter Mario Law Firm want you to know these safe travel tips before hitting the road.

  • Follow all posted speed limit signs. With several major highways running through Connecticut, it’s important all drivers follow posted speed signs. Unfortunately, we see the consequences of this daily. Keep in mind that the speed limit between New Haven and the state border with New York is 55 mph.
  • Do not drive distracted. In Connecticut, it is unlawful for the driver of a car to engage in a hand-held cell phone or mobile electronic device usage while operating their vehicle. Make sure you Stow Before You Go.
  • Allow yourself plenty of travel time. All too often, drivers resort to speeding when they know they are going to be late. This creates unsafe roadways for all of us.
  • Take as many breaks as needed. The Car Accident Attorneys at Carter Mario see cases where a driver has fallen asleep behind the wheel. Make sure you switch off driving with others in your car or you take plenty of breaks to keep yourself refreshed.

Whether you are on the road or staying home this Thanksgiving, everyone at Carter Mario Law Firm wishes you a happy and safe Thanksgiving!