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How Do Insurance Companies Determine Fault in Motorcycle Accidents?

If you’ve been hurt in a motorcycle accident, getting medical treatment for your injuries is the first priority. As you start your recovery, that’s when it’s time to contact the Connecticut Motorcycle Accident Lawyers at Carter Mario Law Firm, as the insurance companies will begin trying to establish who is at fault.

Liability, or fault, is essential to receiving compensation for injuries. In order to determine liability, the insurance company claims adjusters will thoroughly evaluate the circumstances involved in an accident.

Liability is sometimes easy to figure out, especially in cases involving drunk drivers. However, in most cases liability can be difficult to establish. Unfortunately, motorcycle riders run a very high risk of being held responsible for accidents they did not cause. Drivers and insurance companies frequently attempt to place blame, or at least some percentage of blame, on motorcycle riders. They commonly capitalize on the unsafe riding practices associated with riders in general, such as unsafe speeds, and lane splitting. If this is happening to you, a qualified attorney from our firm can be essential to prevent you from being held liable for an accident that was not your fault and can greatly reduce your risk of being under-compensated.

If you’ve been involved in a motorcycle accident and have legal questions, you’re always welcome to call and speak with the Connecticut Motorcycle Accident Lawyers at Carter Mario Law Firm. We ride motorcycles too, so our team of attorneys understands what you’re going through, and what you need help with.