Car Accident

If I Think a Car Accident Is My Fault, Should I Say So?

If you’ve been hurt in a car accident, there are many variables that could have caused the crash. Even if you think the accident may have been your fault, don’t volunteer any opinions until you’ve spoken with a Connecticut Auto Accident Lawyer at Carter Mario Law Firm.

After an accident, don't volunteer any opinion about whose fault the accident was, especially if you think it might have been your fault. Talk to a lawyer first before taking the blame. Remember that anything you say to the police or to the other driver can be used against you later.

Don't agree to pay any damages or sign any papers until you speak with an attorney. The only exception to this would be a traffic ticket if a police officer issues you one. It is important that you cooperate completely with the police on the scene of the accident.

If you sustained injuries in the crash, or if there is a dispute about who is responsible for the accident, you may benefit from the help of a Connecticut Auto Accident Lawyer at Carter Mario Law Firm. We have extensive experience with motor vehicle accidents of all types, and we will work hard to determine what really happened, and who may be at fault.