Is the VA Disability Claims Backlog Shrinking?

After years of backlogs that have kept veterans waiting a year or more to receive their benefits, Sloan Gibson, President Obama’s pick to serve the Veterans Affairs Department’s No. 2 management slot pledged to tackle a host of challenges plaguing the department, including the backlog of claims.

A story published in Federal News Radio reports that if Gibson is confirmed as Deputy Director of the VA, he would tackle the longstanding backlog of disability claims and will work with the Defense Department on a new strategy for an electronic health records system.

Many veterans blame the backlog on the VA’s use of paper to process claims. In 2011, the VA began using a computerized system in several of its offices and continues to roll out this system across the country. Despite the updated technology, the Center for Investigative Reporting study found that 97% of all veterans' benefits are still processed on paper.

In 2013, the Veterans Affairs Department has had success in shrinking the backlog of claims. They have moved forward more than 200,000 claims this year, reducing the backlog to about 400,000 claims, and their goal is to shrink the backlog to zero as soon as possible.

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