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What Kinds of Accidents Can Lead to Wrongful Death? Uncategorized

Losing a loved one is a tragic event no matter what type of accident may have caused it, but if that accident could have been prevented you have legal rights. It takes a thorough legal investigation to determine who is at fault for your loved one’s death. The Connecticut Wrongful Death Lawyers at Carter Mario Law Firm will take action immediately, so we can preserve the evidence we need to prove your claim.

Our firm can help if your loved one’s death was caused by…

  • An Auto Accident  We’ll do everything we can to determine what happened when it happened, and who caused the crash.
  • A Motorcycle Accident  As motorcycle enthusiasts ourselves, we understand firsthand how the unfair stereotypes put on motorcyclists can affect legal claims. We’ll work hard to prove what really happened in your loved one’s crash.
  • A Truck Accident  We know what to look for and how to represent both truck drivers and car drivers. There are so many factors that can contribute to an accident, including overloaded trailers, extreme deadlines from trucking companies, and service violations that could all contribute to a crash.
  • A Medical Mistake  We can recognize if the professional standard of care was violated in your loved one’s case. If a healthcare provider’s negligence contributed to your loved one’s death, we’re ready to fight for you.
  • An Accident At Your Workplace  If a workplace accident contributed to your loved one’s death, his or her employer can be held responsible for your loss.

If you feel your loved one’s death was caused by someone else’s negligence, don’t wait to get help. The Connecticut Wrongful Death Lawyers at Carter Mario Law Firm are available to answer your questions 24 hours a day. We know you need help working through your loss, and we’re here to handle the complicated legal proceedings surrounding your loved one’s death.