6 Groups Who May Be Immune From a Wrongful Death Suit

A common question among relatives and friends who have lost a loved one due to a specific negligence accident is if there is anyone who cannot be sued for wrongful death. Unfortunately, there are some groups that are immune from this type of lawsuit, which is why it is so important that you speak with a Connecticut Wrongful Death Attorney at Carter Mario Law Firm to review your specific case.

There are certain cases when government officials that are involved in a fatality accident are immune from lawsuits. This immunity, however, does not apply to every case, so you should discuss the circumstances around the personal injury accident with your attorney. This can help you make the final decision whether to press charges or refrain from accusing the party to blame.

Government immunity covers the following government entities:

  • Local Departments, including Schools, Police, Fire, etc.
  • Government Corporations
  • Courts
  • Legislatures
  • Boards, Authorities, Agencies, and Commissions
  • States, Cities, and Counties

Certain individual contractors or private employees working for government agencies may not have immunity. Immunity can be granted or eliminated in certain specific situations. For example, if a local government purchases liability insurance to protect against lawsuits, that local government waives its immunity, so it can be held liable up to the amount of the insurance policy.

If you are considering a wrongful death lawsuit, it is very important to consider all of the pros and cons carefully. Otherwise, you’ll risk both your time and money without obtaining the financial result you desired. A consultation with an experienced Connecticut Wrongful Death Attorney at Carter Mario Law Firm will give you an overall idea about the chances you stand to win your case.