After an Auto Accident, What Do You Do Next?

When you’ve been hurt in an auto accident, there are four important steps you can take in order to strengthen your legal claim and protect your rights to compensation. The Connecticut Auto Accident Lawyers at Carter Mario Law Firm have extensive experience handling auto accident cases of all types and can help you get the compensation you need for your bills and lost wages.

When you’ve been injured in a car accident, here are four things you can do to help yourself and your case…

  • Seek Medical Attention Immediately - Sometimes serious injuries aren’t felt right away. It’s important to see a doctor, even if your injuries seem minor. Make sure you follow the physician’s instructions and be sure to document the details of your visit.
  • Inform Your Insurance Company - Let your insurance company know about the accident as soon as possible. Do not speak with the other driver’s insurance company without consulting a Connecticut Auto Accident Lawyer first.
  • Obtain A Copy Of The Police Report - If an officer reported to the scene of the accident, he or she will complete an accident report form that you can obtain a copy of either at the scene of the accident or at your local police station.
  • Call Carter Mario Law Firm - Our Connecticut Auto Accident Lawyers will answer all of your questions, guide you through the next steps of the legal process, and get you the compensation you need for your injuries.

We hope you never have to go through this process, but if you do, we’re happy to answer all of your legal questions. Consider printing out a copy of these steps and keeping it with you in your car along with your insurance information. You may never need it, but if you do get into an accident these steps can help you maintain a strong case.