How Can I Help if My Family Member or Friend Is Hurt in a Car Accident?

Sometimes relatives or friends contact our firm with legal questions when their loved one has been hurt in an accident. This often happens in more serious accidents, where the victim is in a hospital, but protecting their legal rights is something family and friends want to do to help.

The Connecticut Auto Accident Attorneys at Carter Mario Law Firm understand that if your friend or relative was injured in a car accident, they’re probably stressed, confused, and in a lot of pain. They have their car accident injuries to deal with, as well as piles of medical bills and paperwork.

However, there are several things you can do to help your friend or relative:

If your loved one has legal questions, they can contact the Connecticut Auto Accident Attorneys at Carter Mario Law Firm anytime at (203) 806-9256. If they are unable to come to our office, we’ll go to them.