How Do You Prepare for a Medical Malpractice Case?

Careful preparation and a thorough investigation can help you build a strong Medical Malpractice case. The Connecticut Medical Malpractice Attorneys at Carter Mario Law Firm can help you prepare, as well as answer any legal questions you have.

You can help prepare your case by…

  • Collecting Your Medical Records - Make a list of all of the doctors and hospitals that were involved in your treatment, and be sure to include the dates you were there. Keep copies of any paperwork you received.
  • Document Your Injuries And Your Recovery - Keep a journal about how you feel, and note any improvement or decline in how you’re feeling. Detailed proof of your injuries and recovery is important to your case.
  • Talk With Medical Experts - Connecticut law requires that we consult medical experts who are in a similar field as the healthcare provider who may have caused your injuries. Our firm has an extensive network of experts we can consult regarding your case.
  • Evaluate Your Healthcare Provider’s Education - The Connecticut Department of Public Health offers a complete profile on doctors who are licensed in the state. In Connecticut, the physician profile contains information about the doctor’s education, post-graduate training, residency, disciplinary actions, and malpractice payment history, if applicable. Knowing your healthcare provider’s education, experience, credentials, and lawsuit history can help in building your case.

The Connecticut Medical Malpractice Attorneys at Carter Mario Law Firm would be happy to help you build a strong case, so you can focus on your recovery. Give us a call anytime with your legal questions.