Study Finds Occupational Illness a Leading Cause for Workers’ Compensation Claims in Connecticut

According to an article from UCONN Today, researchers found there were a total of 7,265 cases of occupational illness reported in Connecticut during 2011 alone. Calculations determined this gave the state a rate of 27.8 illnesses per 10,000 employees, This rate was found to be 35 percent higher than the national average and was an increase over numbers from the previous year.

The most common condition that was reported was a musculoskeletal disorder. This disorder was typically found in employees from the manufacturing, government, health, and education industries.

Experts explained that using more ergonomic practices and safer chemicals at job sites could significantly decrease the number of injuries seen in the state. They added that implementing programs that can track and prevent disease, along with providing contact information for those to report such incidents to, would also drastically reduce the number of occupational illness occurrences recorded each year.

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