How to Make a New Canine Companion

Approaching a dog can be tricky. There are times when a dog appears friendly but then snaps. This could be caused by a reaction to how you approach the dog. Therefore, whether they seem friendly or not, always approach a dog carefully and follow these helpful tips.


  • Avoid making direct eye contact or face the dog directly, that could be perceived as a threat.
  • Let the dog approach you in as much time as it needs and instead keeps a non-threatening posture with your side towards the dog.
  • Once the dog approaches you, pet it on its side or back. You can also pet the side of the dog’s face or under its chin.


  • Lean over the dog directly and stick your hand out or put it on top of the dog’s head, this appears aggressive and could cause the dog to attack.
  • Do not stare directly in the dog’s eyes or squeal loudly because this also comes off as threatening.
  • Finally, make sure to not simply grab and squeeze the dog or grab and kiss its head.

Think of it this way, would you want a random stranger running up and hugging and squeezing you while squealing in your ear? Manners can go across species' borders. Now next time you see a cute pup walking down the road you will know exactly how to make a new best friend!