4 Ways To Stay Safe in Traffic

With Super Bowl XLVIII happening just down the road in East Rutherford, New Jersey this weekend, there is sure to be added congestion to the roadways in the tri-state area. Motor vehicle operators and passengers sitting in traffic are just as much at risk of suffering an auto accident injury as those traveling in vehicles at faster speeds. Unfortunately, the personal injury attorneys at Carter Mario Law Firm see this every day. Here are four ways you can stay safe in traffic:

  1. Personal space - Give other motorists on the road enough space to move to another traffic lane.
  2. No lane jumping - Drivers think changing lanes is the best way out of traffic. In reality, it puts you and others at risk.
  3. Stay calm - Don’t let the frustration of traffic get to you. Keep yourself and others safe.
  4. Stay focused on your driving - Don’t engage in electronic device usage while behind the wheel. In Connecticut, it’s illegal. Make sure you Stow Before You Go.

The personal injury attorneys at Carter Mario know that traffic is often out of a driver's control. We want to make sure you stay safe when traveling in heavily-congested traffic areas.