AMTRAK Not Chugging Along Very Smoothly After Two Accidents in Twenty-Four Hours!

Few people anticipate being injured in a car accident. Even fewer can imagine being involved in a train collision. On Monday, June 23, an Amtrak train collided with a tree trimming truck in Berlin, Connecticut, sending five people to the hospital (The second accident in the twenty-four-hour time period, the first being in Mansfield, Massachusetts). Luckily the engineer on the train was able to warn passengers of the oncoming collision before it happened and evacuate the first train coach, reducing the potential amount of injury.

Photo by Michael Mohammadi and Derik Kumagai of Amtrak train crash in Berlin, June 23, 2014.

For the unlucky passengers who were hurt, what recourse do they have from a legal perspective? You may be surprised to hear that it is very similar to being in a motor vehicle accident. Here are a few simple checklist items to consider:

The last concern many injured people have is what it will cost them. As with motor vehicle accidents, initial consultation with an injury lawyer should always be free. Once the case is settled, the standard fee to the attorney is one-third of the recovery in a personal injury case.

Whether injured in a car or on a train, knowing how to deal with an unforeseen accident before it happens is imperative in making sure you return to a good quality of life as quickly as possible.