BBQ Safety

Warmer weather means more time outside and a lot more food on the grill. Everyone loves to grill out on a warm day, but there are safety precautions that should be taken in order to ensure there are more delicious foods and less unfortunate accidents.

Although many of us like to skip over it, reading and making sure you understand the manual for your grill is extremely important. Each grill is different and has specific ranges that need to be followed. Make sure your grill is a safe distance away from your home. Most manuals state a minimum distance around the grill that needs to be kept clear. This does not just mean from your home, but from trees, play areas, and other outdoor furniture as well.

What you position your grill on is also important. The natural ground can be uneven and unstable so it is important to make sure your grill is on a level piece of land or patio. If needed, dig up an area of land and create a small patio area to ensure your grill cannot be tilted over easily. Also, it is very important to keep a fire extinguisher nearby or something that can be used to put out a fire such as a bucket of sand.

There are different types of grills, it is important to know what your grill requires to function properly. Charcoal grills often require fluid that should be kept away from children and animals. Also, the coals should be allowed to completely cool before disposing of them in a metal container. Electric grills have cords that need to be properly grounded in accordance with your area's local codes and away from any walkways.

Cleaning up afterward is equally important. A buildup of grease from food previously cooked could create bursts of flames that may possibly result in an injury. Just remember to thoroughly read your instruction manual and follow these tips to keep summer full of grilling goodness without any dangerous disasters.