Man on a big Motorcycle

Don’t Look Like a Fool, Always Dress Cool

Motorcycles take the open road to a whole new level. Wind blowing against you, shifting your body to curve along with the winding road, there is no other feeling like it. However, that doesn't mean you should take added risks by not wearing appropriate gear to keep your body protected. Many bikers may take a fool's approach and feel they can expose themselves simply because it is a beautiful day, but that is not the case at all. Each section of your body should be completely protected.

Your head is the most important; don't forget to use it when gearing up! Buy a good helmet that fits well and includes a face-shield. You obviously don't want your head to be susceptible to injury, and you probably don't want to get hit in the face with debris or insects while riding. Trust me, it happens.

Gloves are important as well. There are different types of gloves for all seasons, cold hands do not function too well and neither do sweaty ones.

The main part of your body should be completely covered. No shorts or T-shirts allowed. These help protect against abrasion should you fall or crash, as well as sunburn, dehydration, or hypothermia. Lighter colors are more effective in order to be visual among car drivers on the road. Also, long pants help protect your legs in case of accidental exhaust burns. Some bikes keep the exhaust pipes close to where you would get on and off of the pegs, especially for passenger pegs.

Shoes are extremely important. Not only could you burn your feet on the bike itself, but it helps with the overall grip of footrests.

As the Motorcycle Safety Foundation states in the info-graphic "dress for the ride as well as for the crash". Riding gear is created to be functional, comfortable, and stylish so make sure to invest in cool gear, not fool's gear!