Parked Bikes

Bicycle Safety in Connecticut

When the weather begins to warm up, our thoughts quickly turn to outside hobbies and activities. Unfortunately, some of these fun warm-weather activities can turn dangerous if certain precautions are not adhered to. Hiking, swimming, and even jogging can cause serious personal injury if not performed safely.

Today we are going to talk about bicycle safety. A lot of people bring their bikes out of storage at the first sign of warm weather or melting snow. While biking can be a fun and healthy way to spend a relaxing Connecticut summer day, it should always be safety first before heading out.

The first thing every biker should pick up is a regulation helmet. There are several types of helmets on the market, but not all of them are created equal. Be sure your helmet has passed strict safety tests and meet all state and federal requirements. Failure to wear a helmet or buying one that has not been fully regulated can lead to head trauma, mental disability, concussion and even death.

Once your head is protected, you can focus on the rest of your body. A great way to avoid needing accident attorneys is make sure you can easily be seen. If you are riding at night, be sure to add a headlight and reflectors to your bike. During the day, wear bright colored clothing that will reflect the sunlight and make you more visible to cars. Whenever a car and a bike battle it out, the bike always loses. The result can be anything from broken bones to deep cuts or worse.

Finally, be sure to always ride with the car traffic and not against it. It's a great way to avoid accidents, not to mention; it's the law. By riding with traffic, you are giving yourself and the drivers more time to react if there is a near-collision. In the tragic case there is an accident, the speed of the cars coming at you from behind will be much lower than those coming at you from the front.

Just because the warm weather is upon us, that does not give us all a reason to ignore bicycle safety and Connecticut laws. Be smart, be safe and make sure you arrive where you’re going in one piece. Your safety begins with you, not everyone else.