Product Recall – What You Need to Know

As illustrated by the recent massive product recall announced by Kraft of 6.5 million boxes of the company’s macaroni and cheese products, defective products are sometimes released into the marketplace, posing a potential danger to consumers who trust in their relative safety. The company initiated the recall voluntarily after eight separate incidents in which consumers discovered metal pieces inside of the boxes. The company’s original flavor 7.5-ounce boxes have been recalled, with listed “best by” dates between September 2015 and October 2015. The recall demonstrates a need for customers to know how to check whether a product they have has been recalled. There are several ways in which people can check products, including second-hand ones, to see if they are subject to a recall order.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission, or CPSC, provides an online searchable recalls page. The newest recalls are announced on the page. People should start by searching for their products there. They can click on the “recalls” tab at the top of the page or simply input data into the search box. is another online resource promulgated by the government for consumers. The site allows people to check products according to different categories. People can simply check the category in which their product belongs.

When people want to check a food item, the Food and Drug Administration provides updated recall lists. For vehicles that have been recalled, consumers should check the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration page.

When people check a product against the announced recall lists, they should compare things like the expiration date and bar code to the listed items. This should be done for second-hand purchases as well. In some cases, it is illegal for a recalled item to be resold, while in others, the recalled item may be required to be returned and repaired. This is especially important when the item is a crib, toy, or other child-related product.

It is unfortunate that defective products sometimes injure people. Recalls are done to help prevent such injuries from occurring. When a defective product injures someone, they may want to seek a consultation with a lawyer who accepts defective product cases.