Connecticut Gun Safety

A study of Connecticut gun laws has shown a connection with a significantly lower rate of homicide. As personal injury lawyers concerned with public safety and the well-being of all residents, Carter Mario Law Firm welcomes the report of many lives saved because of fewer incidents of handgun homicide. Researchers published the study in the American Journal of Public Health, June 2015.

The Connecticut gun laws that went into effect in 1995 required a permit, a background check, and eight hours of gun safety training as conditions for obtaining a gun permit. The research showed a 40 percent reduction in the number of handguns related homicides over a ten-year period. The research compared Connecticut with nearby jurisdictions in Maryland, and Rhode Island. The method used to study the effect of the change in law compared areas with similar levels of handgun homicides before 1995. The states included Rhode Island, New Hampshire, and Maryland. By comparing Connecticut's rate of gun homicide after 1995 to the other states, they found that in Connecticut, gun homicides dropped far below the other states. Connecticut had 444 murders instead of the 740 it would have had if the law not been enacted. The state had 444 gun-related murders that were a 40% decrease below the rates in the other states.

The elements of the CT gun laws associated with a reduction in handgun homicide included four basic elements, as described below:

  • raising the age limit from 18 to 21;
  • eight hours of firearm safety training;
  • a background check; and
  • a police-issued permit

These changes provided a police background review prior to receiving a gun permit. This policy focuses on issues in an applicant’s history that suggest a need for further inquiry. The study found that in non-firearm homicides, Connecticut did not differ from the other states in the survey.

Part of the 1995 CT gun law focused on responsible gun ownership It raised the age for lawful ownership and required education in the safe handling of guns. Increased awareness of Gun safety and responsible gun ownership can also help reduce accidental personal injury. We here at Carter Mario urge everyone to take gun safety seriously and take all reasonable steps to avoid accidental injury. Every resident is safer when effective gun laws reduce the incidence of crimes such as assault and homicide as well as accidental injury.