As the New Year approaches, many of us are reflecting back on 2015 and making resolutions for everything we’d like to accomplish in 2016. Here’s a glimpse into some of our staff’s ambitions for 2016!

Digital Marketing Specialist Courtney MooreDrums-Courtney

To learn how to play some new songs on my drum set, and to FINALLY teach myself how to play my guitar. (My parents bought it for me as a birthday present years ago!)

Litigation Team Leader Nelly Febres

To get in shape for my cruise. (A Caribbean Cruise for two won at our Annual Holiday Party.)

Marketing Director Cindy Mario

My New Year’s Resolution is to take an art class and start painting again.

Accounting Assistant Emily Manto

My New Year’s Resolution is to get healthy and stay fit to look good and feel good. I also want to do my best in work/school always; no slacking.

Attorney Andrew Bottinick

To continue to play games like I was a kid. This is the best way to fight off Father Time.

Intake Specialist Katie Scarpetti

To live a healthier lifestyle – eating right and making time to work out.

Case Manager Lauren Matos

To get my 10k race time under an hour.

Do you have a New Year’s Resolution? Leave us a comment and let us know what you’d like to accomplish in 2016!