Steps for Onsite Injury Prevention in Connecticut

According to OSHA, 12 workers are killed each day on the job and over 9,000 workers are injured. Worksite injury prevention programs keep valuable employees at the job site and increase productivity by keeping employees on the job and working without days off due to injuries and illness. They also save employers money by preventing lawsuits.

The most frequent causes of overexertion in the workplace is lifting an object that is too heavy from above or lifting an object that is too heavy from below. The most frequent area that is injured is the back. The shoulders and knees are the second most frequent area of injury on the body.

Other types of onsite injury that occur on the job are:

  • Slips or trips without falls
  • Falls on an even surface
  • Falls on an uneven surface
  • Workplace violence
  • Improper storage of items
  • Improper use of job site equipment

Training is one important way to reduce workplace injuries. Proper training in how to use equipment like ladders, knives, and power tools helps to prevent equipment based injuries. Even something as easy as knowing how to properly use a forklift's seat belt can prevent an injury. Every worksite has specialized equipment that needs to be used with respect in order to be used safely.

Job sites that encourage a warm-up period before going on shift have noticed a greatly reduced incidence of injuries involving muscles and joints. Training and reinforcement of training of proper lifting techniques also reduce the number of back and shoulder injuries that occur at work.

Making people aware of hazards in their environment is also an important way to protect employees at a job site. Painting reflective paint or using reflective tape on stairs or different levels of floors can prevent tripping injuries on a floor with an uneven surface. Putting signs up or blocking off areas with wet floors is an important way to prevent slips and falls. Keeping the floors of a workplace free from obstructions and debris can also prevent falls, trips, and injuries.

Workplace violence has become a more frequent issue in recent years. A business that offers counseling and mediation between employees can help stressful situations between workers become resolved. Employees should be trained on various potential workplace hazards and how to prevent or correct them.

At Carter Mario, we are here to help if an injury does occur in the workplace. Following some of these tips and understanding why job injuries occur will hopefully help prevent you from being on the end of an unfortunate accident.