Summer Sunscreen Info and Tips

With Summertime in full swing, many of you are enjoying the warm outdoor weather. We must admit that there is hardly anything nicer than spending time in the sun enjoying activities such as swimming, hiking, biking, and other fun activities. One of the most important preparations anyone can make for Summer is also one of the most forgotten: applying sunscreen each and every time you go out. Here are some useful tips and info when preparing for a day in the sun.

Melanoma is a very aggressive form of cancer that originates in the skin. In fact, it is the leading cause of death from skin disease. Melanoma has been found to be triggered by overexposure to the sun. Melanoma also becomes a greater risk as you age, making sunscreen more important the older you get.

Just about everyone has gotten a sunburn at least once in their lives. Repeated sunburn can lead to long term damage or “aging” of the skin. Examples of this include brown or sun spots, wrinkling, or “blotchiness” in complexion. Furthermore, severe sunburn can be a dangerous medical condition that requires emergency care. Applying sunscreen can play an important role in preventing this.

Many people who don’t wear sunscreen often claim that they want to get enough Vitamin D when outside. In truth, you only need to be outside for about an hour a week in order to get the amount of Vitamin D you need. You can also supplement this by eating foods such as fish, eggs, and dairy that are rich in Vitamin D.

Make sure that you shake your container well, as the contents could be a bit separated in the bottle due to settling. If you want to avoid this, consider using one of the spray-on sunscreens that are available.

Many people will apply sunscreen to their neck, face, and arms, but will leave out other parts of their body that are uncovered. Some commonly missed areas include the feet, knees, and hemlines of clothing. This can result in unwanted and painful burns.

Make sure you are reapplying your sunscreen roughly every two hours. This might need to be more often if you are spending time in the water or performing a strenuous activity for an extended period of time.

This may not be an obvious one for most people, because this isn’t like other items where you check the date frequently. Ingredients in sunscreen can expire, leaving you with diminished or possibly no protection from the sun’s UV rays.

We here at Carter Mario want to make sure that all of you have a summer you can enjoy. Following these tips will help ensure that you have the maximum amount of protection that sunscreen can provide.