4th of July Firework Safety Tips

Summer is a great time for family events and playing outside, and when the Fourth of July comes around, it’s a great time for fireworks as well. They can be a lot of fun, but it’s important to remember they can also be very dangerous, particularly if there are any small children nearby. There’s nothing wrong with having fun with fireworks, but ensuring that proper safety precautions are taken into account is the best way to make the fun times last throughout the night. Let’s take a look at some good firework safety advice in order to prevent an unnecessary personal injury.

• Brace your fireworks with concrete blocks to prevent them from tipping over.
• Shoot fireworks off in a wide-open area.
• Always place fireworks on a flat hard level surface, like pavement or compacted gravel.
• Have a designated fireworks "shooter" and keep everyone else a safe distance away.
• Never have any part of your body over the firework unit.

If you or somebody with you does receive a personal injury from neglect of proper firework safety, make sure to go straight to a doctor in order to get treated immediately. This is particularly true for eye injuries or any injuries sustained by a child. For burns in particular, remove any clothing in the area and run slightly cool water over the area before contacting the doctor. For eye injuries, make sure not to rub the area, as this can cause the injury to worsen. Instead, go immediately to the hospital. If a child has an eye injury, take further precaution by cutting out the bottom of a paper cup and taping it over the eye to prevent them from making the injury any worse.

We here at Carter Mario Law Firm want you to enjoy our national holiday. Make sure you are doing your best to stay safe while having fun. Happy Fourth of July everyone!