Camping and Hiking Safety

Summer is officially here and that means that camping and hiking season is in full swing. While pitching a tent and sleeping under the stars are fun activities, there are many safety precautions that need to be in place when you are out enjoying these activities. So whether you are out roasting marshmallows or weaving through the tree roots, be sure to check out these camping and hiking safety tips before you leave your home.

Make sure before you leave your house that you have packed an adequate amount of food and water for your trip. It is recommended that you pack all of your food in waterproof bags or containers and keep them in an insulated cooler. This keeps your food fresh and dry and keeps animals away.

This is one that is often forgotten in the summer months. Not only is weather unpredictable, but sometimes the terrain can cause your clothes to become unwearable. Be sure to pack extra clothes and extra layers, as the summer months can still have cool nights.

This is also a commonly forgotten rule of camping and hiking. Be sure to wear a pair of shoes or boots that can hold up to the rigors of the planned activities. If you are going to be around water, wear water shoes as well to avoid cuts on your feet.

Just because you are in the woods doesn't mean that you can't keep up with your hygiene. In fact, it is more crucial that you pay attention to items such as washing your hands and cleaning any cuts or scrapes while you are out since you will most likely be away from immediate medical care facilities.

Above all, follow this "golden rule" of camping. Before you leave, know what the terrain will be like and check up on the local weather forecast. Take flashlights, matches and other survival items with you in case of an emergency.

We here at Carter Mario want you to have a wonderful summer outdoors. Using these tips on camping and hiking safety will help ensure that you stay safe while you enjoy your time in nature.