Fishing Safety

Any seasoned fisherman who loves the sport is well aware of the benefits of this age-old sport: relaxation, fresh air, the challenge, and of course delicious, nutritious fish. They are also aware of the potential dangers that are always present. As in any activity, there is always a level of danger; injury is just a mistake, oversight, or miscalculation away. Although the dangers are real, it only takes a few precautions and a little self-awareness to avoid injury or worse.

Whether an individual is fishing from the shore, on a lake, or on a boat deep sea fishing, there are a number of things to consider and a few suggestions that should be followed. They are mostly about common sense and respect for the possible dangers inherent with handling fishing gear and being in a boat.

Here is a list of practices recommended by that will help keep fishermen safe:

  • Life Jacket – When fishing in a boat or offshore, wading in the water, it is recommended that a person
    wear a life jacket or a similar PFD, personal floatation device. A sudden movement in the boat, a slip in the sand, a wave from a passing boat, or an undercurrent can turn a fun fishing trip into a disaster. Always being prepared for the unexpected is recommended. In some states, it’s the law.
  • Fishing in Unknown Waters – When fishing in unknown waters, it’s a good idea to go with a buddy. When stepping into the water, small steps, slowly, will help to ensure that an individual isn’t stepping off a ledge or into a strong undertow.
  • First Aid – A first aid kit should always be included in fishing gear or tackle box.
  • Casting – Casting should be done safely, with an awareness of anybody close by, power lines, and avoiding backlash into the caster’s face.
  • Head and Eye Safety – If it’s sunny, a hat and sunglasses will provide protection as well as a clearer vision into the water.
  • Sun and Insect Protection – Suntan and insect lotions or sprays can make a huge difference between a great day and a painful one.

Fishing is a wonderfully relaxing yet challenging sport; it can be done in all seasons in any kind of weather. With a few precautions and foresight, it can be enjoyed stress and injury-free. Carter Mario Law Firm, a proven successful personal injury firm in Connecticut, highly recommends that individuals who go fishing adhere to the aforementioned fishing safety suggestions. It only takes a split second for someone to fall victim to an accident or error in judgment. It can take a lifetime to recover or come through a disaster.