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How to Check for Auto Recalls

The past year and a half have not been kind to automakers. In 2014, 52 million vehicles were recalled, obliterating the record of 30.8 million sets in 2004. With the recent expansion of the Takata airbag recall to over 34 million vehicles, it is especially important now to check on your vehicle to make sure it is not included on the list. Check for your auto recalls using these tips and tricks.

When a recall is issued by an automaker, a letter will be sent to your residence informing you which vehicle and what parts were affected. The issue for you is in the fact that alerting a large number of consumers about a recall takes time. The longer you go without the recall being addressed, the longer you are at risk of something happening to you and your vehicle. There are a couple of solutions you can do from your own home to see if you have a recall on your vehicle.

If you suspect you might have a recall, you can check online through the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. They have set up a website to look up auto recalls by VIN (Vehicle Identification Number). If you don’t know how to find your VIN, the easiest place to look for it is at the base of your windshield right in front of your steering wheel. Once you have your VIN, plug it into the Recall Lookup and you should know any open recalls that your car might have.

The NHSTA has recently set up a new blog to provide new information on trending recalls. This resource helps to consolidate all the up-to-date information on the latest recalls announced. If you think your vehicle could potentially be affected, this source will help keep you in the loop.

If you want more information on how to proceed with finding a recall or what you should do after learning that you have a recall you can visit your auto manufacturer’s website. Most of these sites have sections on what to do about recalls on affected vehicles and where you can have your vehicle repaired.

Getting a recall repaired is an important step to ensuring your safety. We here at Carter Mario want to make sure you are informed so that you can take the necessary steps and precautions to make your automobile safe.