Semi-Truck Safety Tips

Your summer would not complete without a road trip of some kind. Nearly two-thirds of all Americans take some trip by automobile during the summer months, according to AAA. While you may be driving somewhere for a vacation, many truck drivers are driving to earn a living. Here are some Semi-Truck safety tips to help keep your family safe while you are sharing the road with those 18-wheelers.

It might seem obvious, but semi-trucks are large vehicles. With the cargo they haul and the trailers behind the rig, some of these trucks can weigh as much as 80,000 lbs. With that much stress on the tires, it is no surprise that we often see shredded pieces of rubber on the side of the road while we are driving. Be cognizant of this and don't drive directly next to a semi for long periods of time. The pieces of flying rubber and a potentially swerving truck could prove disastrous for you.

Wind can wreak havoc on a semi-truck while it is driving. The trailer that these trucks haul has a high center of gravity and a large surface area. When the weather turns windy, this can act like a sail on a sailboat and cause the truck to tip over, especially if the trailer is unloaded. Be sure to maintain a safe distance from semi-trucks in these conditions.

Every vehicle has a blind spot. Because semi-trucks are so large, they have more blind areas than other vehicles. This is especially true on the passenger side of the truck. Make sure to stay out of the blind spots of semi-trucks, especially since they sit much higher off the ground than your vehicle.

If you are going to pass a semi, you should make sure to pass as quickly as possible within reason. If it is possible, give a little bit of extra berth inside of your lane. No one wants to get caught next to a big rig. Never try to pass a big rig as they are making a turn since these trucks make very wide turns and often have to move into the next lane to complete them.

Above all, be a courteous driver and conscientious of everyone on the road and you should have little to worry about. We here at Carter Mario hope all of you have a safe and happy road trip this summer, wherever your destination is!