Top 5 Safest Us Vacation Spots Versus the Top 5 Most Dangerous

With their lazy rivers and gorgeous autumn colors, Nutmeggers know they have it good. Now here’s another reason for Connecticut residents to rejoice: 4 of America’s top 5 destinations for safe vacations are within driving distance! Of course, fans of family vacations know that safe spots are only safe if you arrive in one piece. So remember, safe driving is key.

1.) Norfolk, Massachusetts is made for slow walks and sleeping in. Norfolk began as an idyllic farming community and maintains that mellow, old-world charm today. In 2013, the 11,663 residents of Norfolk did not report a single violent crime.

2.) Visit Harleysville, Pennsylvania, in October, when the town throws its annual Apple Butter Frolic, featuring the best in German food, arts & crafts, farming demonstrations, and of course, apple butter. The local police offer residents and business owners free safety assessments of their property. It works since in 2013 the entire township reported only 5 violent crimes.

3.) Montgomery Township, New Jersey is home to parks, lakes, wineries, and battlefields. Minutes from Princeton, Upton Sinclair wrote his novel “The Jungle” here in 1906. The focus of this "Sustainable Jersey Certified” town is on green businesses and a safe environment.

4.) Norton, Massachusetts is ideal for a golf-cation. In September this town of 19,000 hosts the annual Deutsche Bank Championship Golf Tournament. In addition to reporting only 8 violent crimes in 2013, the city actively instructs residents in search and rescue skills and basic medical techniques.

5.) Hibbing, Minnesota requires more travel time, but it’s one of the coolest, and safest vacation destinations in the country. As the town’s own Bob Dylan said, "Hibbing’s a good ol’ town." The town of 16,000 also has one of the most active community policing programs in the country, reporting only 6 property crimes in 2013.

Now, what are the top 5 places you should actively avoid if you’re looking to stay safe on vacation?

1) The Grand Canyon is one of the deadliest vacation spots in the country, due to falls and general unpreparedness when traveling into the canyon. Most injuries and deaths here never make the news.

2.) According to AllState, your road trip is 95.5% more likely to end in an accident in Washington D.C. than in most other large American cities.

3.) Volusia County, Florida, records the most shark attacks in the world. Think Jaws, but worse (meaning not in New England).

4.) Volcanoes National Park in Hawaii because, well, it’s an active volcano.

5.) Canyonlands National Park in Utah is where the rock climber in 127 Hours got trapped and had to cut off his own arm. That apple butter festival is sounding pretty good right now.

We here at Carter Mario want you all to stay safe throughout your summer. Be sure to enjoy the warm weather and spend time with the family at your favorite vacation spots!