Man on a motorcycle

8 Tips Before You Get on a Motorcycle

Riding a motorcycle is a fun and unique experience. Remember these eight simple guidelines to stay safe and make the most of your trip.

  1. Wear protective clothing in the unlikely event of a spill. This includes pants and a jacket made of durable material, footwear that protects your feet and ankles, gloves, and a securely fastened helmet.
  2. Dress appropriately for the weather. If it is hot, it will feel a lot hotter while you are riding; if it is cold, it will feel a lot colder while you are riding. Don’t wear anything loose and floppy that could get caught on any part of the motorcycle.
  3. Before mounting the motorcycle, make sure the passenger footpegs are down. Also, beware of hot exhaust pipes! Don’t let any part of your body touch them as you mount or dismount. They can give you a severe burn right through the heaviest pants.
  4. It is customary to get on or off the motorcycle from the left side. If you’re a passenger, always wait for the rider to tell you it’s okay to mount or dismount.
  5. When getting on a motorcycle, extend your right leg over the seat, and then slide gently up onto the seat. Once you are on the motorcycle, plant your feet on the passenger footpegs and keep them there.
  6. Placing your hands on the rider’s hips is the best way to hold on to the rider, and it keeps you in touch with the rider’s movements. Keep your weight centered over the motorcycle and stay still. Moving around, particularly when the motorcycle is stopped, affects the balance of the motorcycle.
  7. Motorcycles turn by leaning, so don’t be alarmed when the motorcycle leans over to go around a corner. Looking over the rider’s inside shoulder will automatically put your weight right where it belongs in a turn. Keep your body in line with the rider’s body to prevent the motorcycle from leaning more than the rider intends.
  8. Be the second pair of eyes! Help the rider look for potential danger by staying alert and being prepared.

The Motorcycle Lawyers at Carter Mario Law Firm wish you a safe and happy riding season. Enjoy the beautiful scenery our state has to offer!