Veteran’s Disability: Tips to Get Help

Obtaining a veteran’s disability is difficult for many soldiers when they return from service to their country. Veteran’s disability is a needed benefit for many soldiers who are injured or struggling with PTSD. Veterans who come home from war with an injury or mental struggle must be put into a program that will serve them. The tips in this article will take a veteran from the front lines of the battle to a stable life at home.

The Veteran’s Administration is the main resource for veterans who come home from battle. The VA provides mental health and healthcare services to all veterans on a first-come-first-serve basis. A veteran must get to the VA as soon as possible to get the services they need, and veterans must be willing to spend the time needed to get in touch with someone who can provide necessary services.

All veterans should work with an advocate who is able to communicate with the VA on behalf of the veteran. Advocates spend their time on the phone, sending letters and responding to emails that help veterans get the services they need. An advocate has the time and mental energy to get the job done, but a veteran is often too busy recovering to do the work.

Choosing an advocate is an easier way to get services that sometimes take months to receive. Advocates work for nonprofit organizations, or they work in law offices. Each advocate is a unique person who has the ability to get benefits on behalf of a veteran. The veteran must participate in the process on some level, but the advocate can handle most of the work before the veteran sings a few simple forms.

Veterans must be patient with the VA. The VA is often underfunded as it tries to help veterans. An advocate may expedite the process of finding benefits for the veteran, and veterans may need more time. Benefits are guaranteed under the law, but garnering those benefits is hard for anyone. Patience and persistence will pay off for someone who believes they have a case for veteran’s disability compensation.

Every veteran that is in need of special services must come to the VA for help as soon as they can. Veterans who wait even a few days to find the services they need could be set back several months. There is no reason to involve the legal system at the beginning of an advocacy campaign, but veterans may feel better having an advocate on their side who has legal training.