Ways to Help American Veterans

We see veterans recognized for their service in many different ways. From sporting events to charity drives, to television shows, we see our brave men and women thanked for the sacrifices they have made for their country. What we don't always see are the ways we can help veterans rejoin society after their time spent in the military. We here at Carter Mario have put together a list of some organizations and activities that help support our service members.

VAWatchdog is an organization that keeps an eye on other organizations to make sure that the proper help is being given to veterans. Their goal is to make sure that no veteran is being taken advantage of. Their site provides many useful resources for issues that a lot of our servicemen and women face, including PTSD treatment help, VA Benefits, and more.

The National Association of American Veterans is a non-profit organization that focuses on helping service members and disabled veterans and their families. They specialize in helping severely wounded vets by helping them access benefits, improving communication, and collaboration with the VA, and being an advocate for those vets in need.

The IAVA is an organization founded to provide a platform for veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan to speak to the public about what the war was like from the eyes of a soldier. This group recently celebrated its 10th anniversary and is known for helping post-9/11 vets to succeed in areas of their lives such as health, education, employment, and building their community. Founded by an Iraq Veteran in 2004, their site features a counter on the front page that currently sits at over 180,000 members.

These are just a handful of organizations that are prevalent throughout our community in assisting military members. We here at Carter Mario encourage you to reach out and do what you can to help service members in your community get the assistance that they need now.