Honoring Our Firm’s Veterans

Veterans Day is a time to reflect; a time to give thanks to those who have served to protect our country and our freedom; and a time to honor those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

We’d like to honor members of our staff who served our country. We are proud to call these individuals not only our co-workers but our friends.

Attorney Andrew Bottinick served in the United States Naval Reserve from 1981-1993. Andrew was based at Fort Nathan Hale in New Haven.

“Every day you wake up in the United States is a day you need to thank those who made it possible. We should never forget those men and women who made sacrifices to preserve our way of life. I feel privileged to have been associated with our military.”

Workers’ Compensation Team Leader Pedro Roman served in the United States Army from 1989-1993 in Germany.

“Veterans Day, to me, is a day to remember my brothers and sisters. There is a special bond between people who wear the uniform, in service to their country and each other. Even if you did not directly serve with that other service-member, or even in the same era, they are still your family and you would go to the ends of the Earth to help them.”

Investigator Butch McNamara served in the United States Navy from 1961-1967.

“Everyone should serve in the military at one point in their life. I joined when I was 18 and it was a really good learning experience for me.”

Investigator Michael King served in the United States Army from 1968-1970.

“[Veterans Day] is a time when I remember friends who aren’t with us anymore…I learned what’s important and what isn’t.”

Front Office Manager Rene Lindsey served in the Army National Guard. Rene had basic training at The Goffe Street Armory in New Haven in 1980.

“Veterans Day means to me, the sacrifice of many to serve and protect our country.”