Man holding his face down in a car

How to Treat Whiplash Post-Accident

When anyone is involved in an auto accident, the body goes through an incredibly stressful experience. Not only is the car traveling at a specific speed, such as 50 MPH, but every passenger is accelerating at that same rate too. As the vehicle crashes to a stop, everyone feels the force of deceleration on an extreme level. According to the Back & Neck Pain Center, whiplash is one of the most common ailments afflicting people in an accident. Consider the basic steps people can take so that they can relieve their pain from any whiplash injury.

When whiplash occurs, the neck muscles are stretched beyond their normal lengths. In response, the muscles become inflamed and feel extremely painful. Ice the neck immediately after a whiplash injury. Only hold the ice pack against the injury for about 20 minutes at a time. Repeat this icing process every few hours for the best results.

The neck is used to moving around during everyday motions, but it must remain stabilized as it heals. For most of the day, wear a neck brace. This support helps the muscles stay in place so that they can heal very quickly. Patients will notice their range of movement is very limited, but it’s to the benefit of the pained muscles.

A chiropractor is an alternative medical professional that specializes in the manipulation of the spine. Along with neck muscle injuries, whiplash also can cause back problems. The chiropractor can adjust the spine and help the neck simultaneously when patients commit to several appointments over the course of a few weeks.

Sometimes, whiplash pain doesn’t respond to basic over-the-counter medications. In these cases, patients must visit their doctor for stronger pain medicines. Pain can be controlled in the long term with low-dosage pills, or patients benefit from immediate pain relief through localized injections. The doctor must select the best pain treatment for their patients as whiplash injuries continue to heal.

Physical therapy or localized massage could also be prescribed by a doctor. The neck muscles could be tight from the shocking movements caused by the accident. This tightness can remain with patients for several months. Specialized therapy or massage allows the muscles to loosen and properly align within the body. Immediate pain relief is common, but the massage must be performed multiple times for long-term success.

It might be necessary to contact a lawyer after an accident, such as Carter Mario to ensure that the parties involved are properly compensated. However, it’s important to concentrate on feeling better as well. Follow these particular whiplash treatment steps and significantly reduce the recovery time. Ideally, everyone should recover from the accident with no lasting effects.