Taking Photos After a Car Accident

Being involved in any car accident is a stressful time for both drivers and passengers. Several vehicles might be part of the accident along with inanimate objects, such as guard rails. After an accident, there are many details to sort out. Insurance payments for both vehicle and medical damages must be divided out fairly among the victims. To help accident victims streamline their recovery costs, use these basic tips for accurate photographs of the accident scene.

According to Injury Claim Coach, proving that an image is from the accident is crucial. In fact, it’s possible to stage an accident at an entirely different time to fraudulently claim insurance funds. When victims emerge from their vehicles, they should activate the time stamp on their camera. Each photo will have the proper documentation in that case. A witness could even hold up their phone with the time and date listed clearly on the screen to prove the time as well.

Although it’s natural to fixate on the immediate car damages, it’s also important to add wide-angle shots to the evidence list. Take a photo of the entire accident area, including every involved car. Even pan upward to capture an image of the sky. Weather can be a major player when insurance companies are deciding on fault and fund disbursement.

Take pictures of everyone involved in the accident. Capture images of people candidly walking and standing. Ask everyone for a close-up photo too. In these cases, a video of everyone moving and talking is a clever piece of evidence to prove the extent of injuries.

Collect as many close-up images as possible of every car within the accident area. Snap pictures of any skid marks found at the scene along with any cars close to them. Poor judgment or failed brakes could have caused an accident, for example. Those skid marks tell a story just like the damages on the cars themselves.

Take pictures of the vehicles and the road signage near them. If a car failed to yield, for instance, snap a photo of the yield sign and the car. Snap a picture of a sign that was struck during the accident too. Victims want as much evidence for their case as possible. These pictures will reveal the truth about an accident.

It’s also important to seek out an auto accident injury lawyer after the incident. Professionals, such as Carter Mario, can help victims sort out legal paperwork and obtain the funds they need to move on. An accident doesn’t have to be an all-consuming ordeal as long as cool heads prevail immediately after the incident with numerous photos taken of the scene.