What to Do if You Suffer a Back Injury

The protocol following a back injury may vary based on the particular situation. Back injuries are notorious for going unnoticed until well after the injury occurs in many situations. However, in some instances, such as in a serious auto accident, the injury will be obvious. Other back injuries are not so simple, especially those that occur at work. Here are some rules on what to do following a back injury.

If a back injury occurs at work it is important to notify your employer immediately. If it manifests later, contact your employer anyway possible and usually within a 24-nour time frame. The process for workers compensation damage recovery for work-related back injuries is much different from the legal process associated with a non-work accident. If the back injury occurred in an automobile accident it is very important to tell the investigating police officer about any discomfort regardless of the seriousness of the injury. Broken vertebrae will almost always produce pain, but soft-tissue pulls may not manifest until after the fact. Always make the sure the injury is properly documented based on the situation because unnoticed injuries can still result in serious damage over time.

Many people who have an injured back will not realize the injury until well after the condition was created. Always seek medical treatment, regardless of the seriousness of the injury. The results of a back injury are often long-term. In addition, without proper medical diagnosis and prognosis, collecting damages from the responsible party is often a difficult legal matter because of the long-term nature of the injury. Always follow any recommendations from the medical professionals.

If the injury occurs at work contacting the insurance company may not be necessary unless the workers compensation insurance company or the employer contests the claim. This why it is so important to seek medical evaluation, as claims can be deflected in multiple ways, and the first action by the insurance company will always be an attempt to reduce or deny the claim. Never give the insurance company any information regarding the injury because they may use it against you to reduce or deny the claim. Regardless of the situation, never attempt to handle the claim yourself.

Regardless of the injury; it is always advisable to speak with a personal injury attorney. When an injury occurs in an auto accident, there may be multiple negligent parties that the injured victim will not realize. The same situation can also be true for work injuries. Personal injury and workers comp attorneys recognize when the insurance company is acting in bad faith and can leverage a much better settlement. In addition, remember that workers comp injuries are handled through the state workers compensation board first and trials are rare.

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