When an Uninsured Motorist Experiences an Accident

Suffering an auto accident can be a frustrating experience, but the situation is much worse for drivers who lack insurance. Fortunately, there are some simple rules uninsured motorists can follow if they experience an accident.

The immediate concern should be the condition of everyone involved. Even a minor injury could be serious if not properly treated. The next step involves the notification of the proper authorities. Those involved in the accident should follow these steps:

  • Seek medical attention for those injured
  • Remain at the location of the accident
  • Notify law enforcement authorities
  • Seek legal assistance

Those who are uninsured should never flee from the scene of an accident. They should instead remain at the location and share vital information with the others involved, including an admission that they lack insurance. However, a driver should never admit responsibility at the scene, no matter who was responsible for the accident. It would also be wise to notify the police, who will file an official report.

Uninsured motorists can find themselves in serious trouble, which is why they should also seek legal assistance, like the kind provided by Carter Mario Law Firm.

In Connecticut, drivers are required to carry auto insurance policies that will adequately cover expenses in the event they are deemed responsible for a crash. Operating without insurance in the state is a criminal offense that can result in a fine of up to three months in jail. Motorists can avoid the insurance requirement provided they have sufficient financial resources to cover anticipated damages.

Under the laws of Connecticut, motorists involved in accidents may seek compensation from the company representing the responsible driver. They may also seek damages through civil court action.

Uninsured drivers who are determined to be responsible for an accident will have to bear the responsibility for the damages they inflicted, including medical expenses and the costs of replacing property. The collection of the damages may be done through the garnishment of the person’s wages.

In the event that the other driver has uninsured motorist protection, some of the damages may be deferred to his or her own company. However, the uninsured motorist can still be held liable for at least some of the costs. Even if an accident was the fault of another driver, an uninsured motorist may have trouble obtaining compensation from the guilty party.

An uninsured driver who experiences an auto accident can benefit from the type of legal advice available from Carter Mario Law Firm. An attorney may be able to greatly mitigate the situation.

Most importantly, anyone without insurance should think twice about getting behind the wheel of a car. The cost of paying an insurance premium is small when considering the consequences of driving without proper coverage.

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