How to Get Your Car Winter Ready

When temperatures begin to drop, it is especially important to take certain measures in order to keep vehicles running safely during the winter. Specific maintenance services can properly winterize cars throughout the entire season. Here are a few recommended car maintenance services that can get your vehicles winter-ready.

Motor oil with less viscosity can make it easier for vehicles to run when outdoor temperatures dip below the freezing mark. The thinner consistency of this type of oil can be more effective in monitoring the engine's internal temperature.

It is best to have a mechanic check the belts and hoses under the vehicle hood in order to make sure they are still in good condition. Colder temperatures can often weaken these components and cause them to snap. Belts and hoses are usually automatically checked for vehicles that are brought in for tune-up service but don't forget to remind your technician.

Tires specifically designed for winter weather driving can make it easier to travel on snowy and icy roads. The tread patterns and rubber compounds on these tires make it possible for them to grip the road more effectively and keep vehicles under better control while driving.

Cold weather is known to reduce battery capacity and cause batteries to crack and break. The cables, fluid levels, and other components of batteries should be checked to ensure winter car safety.

The extra moisture caused by the environmental elements during the winter can seep into car locks and cause them to freeze. Drivers can prevent this problem by lubricating their locks with a silicone-based spray or other types of lubricant that is safe for door locks.

This solution is formulated to keep water from freezing within a vehicle's coolant system. It works by lowering the freezing temperature so that the water can remain in liquid form even as the outdoor temperatures begin to plummet.

These are just a few precautions that drivers can take to keep their vehicles running smoothly throughout the winter. Remember we are always available to help if something should go wrong while you are on the road, but we hope that these tips will help keep you safe in the upcoming winter.