Man on a big Motorcycle

How to Park Your Motorcycle to Avoid Damage

It’s no secret that we have a passion for motorcycles here at Carter Mario. When it comes to the open road and the wind whipping by you, there is hardly anything better than a bike. When it is time to put your bike away or make a pit stop, you might think it’s as easy and dropping the kickstand and turning the engine off. Unfortunately that is not always the case. We have some helpful tips to help you park your motorcycle to avoid damage.

Probably the most important tip we have is knowing the angle and which to park your bike. Most areas have laws that state that you have to park at a 45 degree angle from the curb. The reason for this is that the bike is then visible to traffic, but doesn’t stick out into the road. This also happens to help keep your motorcycle upright when you park it. It is important to take the slope of the ground and the slope of the space itself. For example, if you have a downhill parking spot and the spot slopes towards the sidewalk, you have to consider which side you kickstand would be on so that your motorcycle would manage to stay stable and upright. If you are parking on a hill, the best advice we could give you is to
keep you bike in gear after you turn it off. This helps to keep your motorcycle from rolling forward or backward.

Not all motorcycles are created equal. Some motorcycles, especially heavy bikes, do not have a reverse gear. The best practice in this scenario is to take your time scoping out a spot and parking. Practicing maneuvering backward and forwards will also help you to be able to gauge parking.

There are rules for parking your motorcycle no matter where you go. Many places have dedicated motorcycle parking spots and you could potentially be fined for parking in a car spot. If you are allowed to park in a car spot, there is typically a limit to how many bikes can occupy the space. These are just a handful of legal stipulations you could find in your area, so it is best to brush up on your local motorcycle laws.

Because we love our motorcycles as you love yours, we would never want your motorcycles to be damaged. If you ever need legal advice regarding your motorcycle, the lawyers at Carter Mario are always available to speak to you.