Our Staff’s Favorite Halloween Costumes Ever

Halloween may technically be a holiday designed for kids, but here at Carter Mario Law Firm many of our staff still enjoy dressing up in our most ‘spooktacular’ outfits this time of year!

That’s why we designate 1 day a year for our Annual Halloween Costume Contest; giving prizes for the Scariest, Funniest, Most Original, and Best Group costumes. With our annual contest just days away, we thought it would be fun to share with you some of our staff’s favorite Halloween costumes of all-time!

Team Leader Mike Brown – Dracula

“Dracula was a favorite because it was one of my more involved costumes.”

Attorney Andrew Bottinick – Caesar

“I look good in white.”

Intake Specialist Lauren Diaz – Fairy Ghost

“A friend of mine and I went to the store and bought a bunch of make-up and face paint to make ourselves look scary with the white faces and the black around the eyes. What was fun about it was the costume part. We took clothes out of our closet that we knew we weren't going to wear anymore and ripped it up and put holes in it and splattered it with sparkles and paint that looked like blood. It was fun because it was something original we could have fun with.”

Brand Manager Sandra Tyson – Hobo

“I was one of six children growing up and it was easy and cost nothing. All I did was get some of my older brother’s clothing, a hat from my dad, and put black stuff on my face to look dirty. Knowing me as a kid, I probably put actual dirt from outside on my face.”

Attorney Chelsey Morgan – Jailbird

Chelsey’s favorite costume was when she and her fiance dressed up as matching jailbirds.

Case Manager Randee Hennequin – Scarecrow

“The only costume I ever won an award for was when I was 8 and had a roller skating Halloween party. My sister dressed me up as a scarecrow, complete with hay. Everyone thought it was cool, me not so much as I kept dropping hay everywhere on the roller skating floor!”

With a few days left to plot this year’s costumes for our annual contest, we want to know what your favorite Halloween costumes ever are!

It is nice that your organization is professional but also seems to have/incorporate a genuine human interest. (I see this message regarding Halloween… and I visited your organization recently… as I am currently working on my own small personal injury case w/ Randee and Atty. Susco)…and just thought I’d comment~

~Thank you~


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Hello Theresa,

Thank you so much for your kind words! We are an organization who truly loves helping others, whether it be our clients or the various charities we partner with. We always strive to be the best part of our client’s day, even if it’s simply by putting a smile on their face with our silly Halloween costumes! Thank you for choosing our firm to help you.