Dangerous Connecticut Roads for Pedestrians

There are few things as relaxing as going for a walk when the weather is nice. Stretching the legs and taking in the scenery can help you relax and lighten your mood. If you have a pet, it’s a great way to spend time with the family ball of fur. Unfortunately, there are many roads that can be unsafe to travel on by foot. On the heels of a report from the Tri-State Transportation Campaign, we take a look at some of the most dangerous Connecticut roads for pedestrians.

Highway US-1 has notoriously been the most dangerous road in Connecticut for pedestrians for quite some time. For the seventh year in a row, it had the most traffic fatalities involving pedestrians, according to the report. The TSTC noted that while they see a lot of variation in the deadliest roads among other states, US-1 has held strong as the most dangerous. The sentiment is that this will continue unless there are significant safety improvements made to the road.

US-6 had the second-highest number of fatalities with three. While this seems like a fairly low number, out of the 99 pedestrian deaths in the last three years, only a handful of roads were repeat offenders on this list. This makes the fact that there were multiple incidents more significant.

The biggest reason for these roads being ranked among the deadliest is the fact that they are classified as arterials. This usually means that they are major roads that carry a high-speed limit (40 mph or more) and have little to no pedestrian-friendly structure such as sidewalks or crosswalks. These make them especially dangerous to traverse.

The largest age group involved in pedestrian accidents are teenagers and young adults. In fact, in 2008 31% of all pedestrians involved in an accident were between 10-24. Continually stressing awareness and good safety habits around roads are the best way to reduce that number.

One piece of good news is that pedestrian deaths involving motor vehicles are down from the previous three year period and have consistently been in decline over the last 15 years. From 1999-2008, injury accidents involving pedestrians fell nearly 30%.

We here at Carter Mario want you to remain safe whether you are in or out of your car. Please remember to be cautious if you are a pedestrian and be aware of people if you are behind the wheel. If you would like to speak to anyone for further advice, don’t hesitate to give one of our lawyers a call.