Steps to Take Following a Car Accident

After a crash, it’s reasonable for panic and fear to set in and leave cause for concern. It’s a sudden incident that can catch even the most prepared driver off guard. Unfortunately, when the drivers start to panic, that’s when they make mistakes and rash decisions. This is why it’s important to remain as calm as possible after the collision and take the necessary steps in order to help deal with what comes next. By following certain steps after a crash, you can help improve your claim or potential lawsuit if it ends up reaching that point.

  1. Make sure everyone is okay. First, check to see if you sustained any injuries yourself. Keep in mind, some injuries may take hours, days, or even longer to show the effects. Then, ask your passengers if they are okay and determine if they have sustained an injury. After this, you can check and make sure the other party or parties are not hurt. If anyone is injured, make sure you request an ambulance.
  2. Get off the road. If it is possible to do so safely, you, your passengers, and other parties should get out of your vehicles and get to the side of the road. Don’t attempt to remove the vehicles unless it is safe to do so and you are capable. You just want to make sure that all parties are safe from harm’s way.
  3. Exchange your information and contact details. You will want to make sure you know the other party’s insurance information, contact information, and vehicle information. You will also provide them with any information you have so the insurance companies can help work things out.
  4. Call 911. After the crash, you are going to want as much detail as possible regarding what happened so you can relay this information to the insurance company. Calling the proper authorities can help you keep the situation calm and they will take detailed reports from all parties involved, as well as witnesses to the crash.
  5. Take pictures of any injuries you may have sustained. This can help prove your case if something comes up later. In many car accident cases, the victim is required to prove that they are injured in order to seek compensation. Having photographic evidence can be very beneficial in helping you do just that.
  6. Take pictures of the scene of the crash. When you are involved in a car crash, you will most likely deal with a claims adjuster who will determine how much you would be paid. If you have photos from the crash scene, as well as images of your damaged vehicle and the position in which the vehicles were.
  7. Seek medical attention. Quite often, people feel as though they were not hurt and that they don’t need to seek medical attention. Unfortunately, because some injuries may take time to manifest, it is your best option to see someone as soon as possible. There may be damage you did not know about because adrenaline numbed you to it. This will also allow you to gain some kind of medical record showing that you were in fact hurt.

After a crash, it’s important to remain calm. If you panic, you may do something that can have a negative impact on your case later. At Carter Mario Law Firm, our Connecticut car accident attorneys understand how difficult this time can be. There is a lot going on and plenty of factors to consider. The last thing you should need to do is worry about going into this stressful situation alone. Our team stands beside our clients every step of the way, making it possible for them to feel some peace of mind. We understand the no-fault laws in the state and we know how to help you. Call today!