Medical Errors Responsible for 10 Percent of All U.S. Deaths

A John’s Hopkins University study reveals that medical errors are now the third leading cause of death in the United States behind heart disease and cancer, causing more than 251,000 preventable deaths each year. The study points out that the CDC’s method of collecting national health statistics fails to classify medical errors on a patient’s death certificate, making this a widely underreported problem. Unfortunately, deaths caused by medical errors are currently being attributed to the illnesses for which the patient was seeking care rather than from an error in the care itself. In light of this study, patient safety has become a renewed topic of interest.

What is Medical Error?

Medical error is an unintended act of either commission or omission or an act that does not achieve its intended outcome, that causes a patient to suffer injury or death. Patient harm can occur at either the individual or system level, meaning the actions of one physician or the hospital or facility as a whole.

The following are examples of medical errors:

  • Anesthesia errors, including administering too much or not enough anesthesia.
  • Surgical errors, including operating on the wrong body part, accidentally causing injury to internal organs, or leaving a surgical implement in the body after surgery.
  • Medication errors, including prescribing the wrong medicine, prescribing the wrong dosage, or having a correct prescription incorrectly filled.
  • Diagnosis errors, including incorrectly diagnosing a medical condition, ordering the wrong treatment, or failing to diagnose a condition.

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