Our Staff’s Rescue Pets

Here at Carter Mario Law Firm our staff love animals and many of them have rescue pets of their own. That’s why there is never any question when it comes to our firm getting involved with great animal organizations!

Case Manager Rebecca Howell rescued both of her dogs from shelters.

Chloe was adopted from a non-profit called Sadie Mae Foundation, who had rescued her from a kill shelter. And Abby was adopted from the East Windsor Dog Pound, who rescued her from a drug/squatter house where she was left for months at a time.

Process Leader Nina Kareliussen and her family rescued their cat and their dog.

First, 8 years ago now, they went to the Humane Society in search of a cat for their boys. They spoke with the people there about everything they were looking for in a pet and received a call 2 days later about Macho, who had been given up by his former family because they couldn’t afford to care for him. As soon as they met him they fell in love and brought him home right away. Then as the boys got older they really wanted a dog. Nina said they had no intentions of getting a dog, but one visit to The Dog House changed all that. That’s when they met Chancellor! His mother was a stray who had given birth in a barn in Tennessee. The owners of the barn took the mother in, but the puppies were sent away. Once they met him, they couldn’t leave without him!

Senior Paralegal Christina Feeney and her husband adopted their dog Meaty on December 22, 2014.

Meaty was saved by the Pound Hounds Res-Q non-profit organization. Meaty was an owner surrender and was dropped off at the Manhattan Animal Care and Control Center. (This is an overcrowded shelter that does not allow the animals much time for their lives to be spared and relies on the generosity and warmth from strangers to come in and save them.) Meaty was rescued by Pound Hounds Res-Q and placed in a foster home in Connecticut. When Christina and her husband saw Meaty’s photo and profile online they knew they wanted to give him his forever home! Christina said, “We nicknamed him Ambassador Meaty because we feel that he has brought awareness to all those that he has come in contact with that have preconceived notions about his breed(Staffordshire Terrier). Meaty is one of the most loving dogs that I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.”

Attorney Chelsey Morgan adopted her cat from the West Haven Animal Shelter.

“Adopt, don’t shop! There are way too many amazing animals sitting in shelters for me to ever consider going to a pet store. It’s really sad how many animals are put down each year simply due to lack of space for them. My family has always gotten rescue pets and it’s really heartwarming to know that you can make even one animal’s life better.”

Administrative Assistant Denise Harrington has adopted a variety of animals.

Denise has adopted everything from dogs and cats to goats, and they have come from as close as Stratford and as far away as Tennessee! Tucker the cat was rescued by the Stratford Cat Project and Stratford Animal Control. George the cat was adopted from the Bridgeport Animal Shelter. Maggie the dog made the trip up from Tennessee, while her playmate Anna was adopted from the Stratford Pound. Denise also has 2 goats which were rescues!

Case Manager Michele Wilkinson adopted her cat Sox from the Branford Compassion Club.

She says they had four kittens from a stray mother cat that needed to find homes and Sox was the cutest one!

Do you have an amazing rescue animal that is part of your family? Let us know where you found them!

And make sure to check out our Facebook photo gallery to see some of our staff with their furry friends!

In honor of our Charity of the Month, the West Haven Animal Shelter, we wanted to share some photos of our staff and…